Atemi Ichi

Strike 1

Strike is to point of Uke's chin, force is parallel to jawbone. Palm heel strike.

Atemi Ni

Strike 2

Target is Uki's top lip, just under nose. Strike with palm heel or perhaps tiger claw.

Atemi San

Strike 3

Target is Uki's temporal bone, just above ear. Deliver with roundhouse hammer fist.

Atemi Shi

Strike 4

Target is side of jaw forward of joint. Strike with glancing rake, toward point of chin.

Kasumi Dori

Hash Knife

Target is carotid artery, struck with outside of blade hand to neck.

Hibara Uchi

Side Cutting Blow

Uke punches. Tori Nagashi's with left, and steps in, striking short ribs with forearm just above elbow. Can strike with upper arm, just above elbow.

Sui Getsu

Solar Plexus

Target is solar plexus, just below zyphoid process at bottom of sternum. Strike with sun punch: hand is upright, thumb on top, and hitting surface is either the knuckles of the first two fingers, or the knuckles of the ring and pinky fingers. Power comes from the hips, which turn and sink.

Hon Getsu

Basic Moon

Target is dan tien, about 3 inches below the navel, into bladder.

Hiza Kin Geri

Knee groin kick

Uki holds Tori in bear hug from front. Tori creates space by electric touch on Uki's thighs, or by lifting one leg, or by grabbing to groin. With space, Uke knees to groin.