Goshin Jutsu

Kataeri Hazushi

Single Lapel Escape

Uke grabs tori's lapel with right hand. Tori grabs lapel under uke's hand and pulls down, straightening. Tori's left hand slides under uke's little finger, palm up. Grip is removed by pressure on little finger pushing up and out, rolling hand over to be on top of uke's fist as it releases.

Katate Tori Ni

Single Hand Lock 2

Uke grabs tori's left shoulder with right hand. Tori places right hand on top of Uke's hand, and lifts left arm to turn uke's hand to vertical with little finger up. Tori brings elbow down across uke's arm as tori's hand puts pressure on uke's wrist.

Log: Prof. Carr 3/9/02: Instead of bringing elbow across uke's arm, tori can get lock with a single finger on uke's elbow pulling it down and to the outside, rotating into wristlock. This is AJJF kata.

Log: Prof. Sheryl Hager 6/23/06: After rolling Uke's arm over, Tori slides their hand down so that it is pinned to chest, which will make the lock tighter. Use weight to crank.

Variation: Prof. Lee Eichelberger 5/20/03: Uke punches with straight right. Tori blocks with right to left, moving to inside. Tori's right grabs Uke's hand as in Ryoeri Tori (across back of hand to little finger side), and brings it to center, turning it over and grabbing with other hand. Imagine the center of Tori's hands are the center of a circle; Tori rotates them about that circle - Uke's fingers go up and his wrist goes down. If Uke bends arm, Tori brings both Uke's elbow and wrist to 90 degrees. Use the same small circle.

Variation: Prof. Lee Eichelberger 5/20/03: Begin from same position as Kata. Tori grabs two fingers (ring and little), and turn them up as in Kata. Tori turns fingertips up in circle centered in middle knuckle.

Variation: Prof. Sheryl Hager 6/23/06: Uke reaches with right hand as with Katate Tori (Ichi). Tori grabs Uke's hand as in Katate Tori with right hand instead of left, curling fingers over the pinky side of Uke's hand. Tori pulls that hand to, obtaining a lock as in Ryoeri Tori. Move to the corner to keep Uke's arm "above" his head. Once Tori has the arm extended, he pushes down on arm to pin down Uke.

Katate Tori San

Single Hand Lock 3

Uke reaches for tori's belt with right hand. Block with both hands, positioning heels of hands below wrist and fingers wrapped around both hands. Keeping connection with body, bring hands up to create break in wrist.

Log: Prof. Carr 3/9/02: Uke comes to you, not vice versa. It is a break, not really a control. Doesnt' advise going low. Feeling is as if uke puts hold on themselves by reaching.

Log: Prof. Sheryl Hager 6/22/06: Lock comes on faster if Tori's focus is to take Uke's fingers to his mid-forearm.

Katate Tori Shi

Single Hand Lock 4

Uke reaches for tori's belt with right hand. Tori gets handshake grip and uses left hand to stabilize uke's wrist, after taking slack out. Drive uke's elbow up into air to create space to step under armpit and rotate to front, creating torque in upper arm and elbow.

Log: Prof. Carr 3/9/02: Instead of from handshake, do outside-in circular block, immobilize wrist. Step in with left foot, to dragon stance almost, nearly kneeling, angle body with shoulder pointing toward uke's center to present smallest target. Step through armpit rise and pivot on left foot, keeping uke's arm vertical and close to chest. Will come on very quickly if done right. You may have to let it twist some for safety. Can be used as comealong.

Imon Tori Ni

Lapel Crossing Lock 2

Uke pushes tori with right palm to chest. Tori blends, places right hand across uke's hand grasping far edge (little finger). Left hand comes over to seal. Roll back with right, turn to 90 degrees and tilt, locking wrist.

Log: Prof. Carr 3/9/02: Tori takes left elbow all the way over. After roll back, slide left foot to right creating rotation in the plane of shoulders and hips.

Log: Prof. Ball and James Bodnar 3/28/03: Maintain blending, track Uki's strike, don't be possesive. Stay square until hand is trapped. Lock each joint in succession - wrist, elbow, shoulder, center. Only small turn is needed.

Katamune Tori

Single Chest Lock

Uke grabs tori's lapel with left hand and punches with roundhouse right. Tori grabs uke's left with tori's right hand in Katate Tori, while flicking with left shuto to punching wrist. Left hand 'bounces' back to strike Uke's left wrist, breaking grip and going into katate tori. Tori takes uke to mat with Katate Tori, then bars uke's elbow over knee.

Log: 2/15/02: Don't receive force from uke, stike through the strike, uke will receive the energy.

Log: Barbara Gessner 3/9/02: Don't turn body on second strike, this dissipates force. Keep body as a solid platform, this will make the target more exposed, and the strike more forceful.

Log: Francis Starmack 3/29/02: In striking through first strike, must incorporate circle or 'bounce' to get energy for second strike. Too much extension makes the movement grind to a halt.

Ude Tori

Arm Lock

Uke strikes at tori with right straight punch. Tori performs inside out Nagashi, grasping uke's wrist, and pulling as tori's left arm crosses body. Tori's left arm either crosses above uke's arm (if tori is taller) or below (if tori is shorter than uke. In either case, tori's left side comes in very close to uke, and tori's shoulder applies force to uke's elbow.

Log: Jim 6/1/01: Don't leave extended fingers (left hand) available for a lock.

Log: Matt Bigham 2/15/02: It's best to think of this as a break that comes on very fast, with a 'drawing the bow' action.

Log: Prof. Lee Eichelberger 5/20/03: Uke punches Tori with straight punch. Tori blocks with Nagashi Uke to outside, catching Uke's wrist with right hand, then turning it over, palm down. Using outside blade of left hand, Tori presses one inch above elbow. Tori's hands rotate in a circle, left down, right up (counter clockwise from Tori's perspective.) Tori's hands stay the same distance apart.

Log: Prof. Sheryl Hager 6/22/06: Tori blocks with both hands, this chambers left arm for elbow strike, as right is pulling uke's hand. Uke should already be bending backwards. Tori reaches over Uke's head and down past Uke's shoulder, resting Tori's hand on Tori's side, thumbs up. This puts Uke in a reverse headlock. Feet must be shifted over. To get arm bar, Tori takes Uke's arm across Tori's hips, which are then pushed forward for the arm bar.

Genkotsu Ude Tori

Fist Arm Lock

Uke punches with right hand to tori's head. Tori executes pivot, trapping uke's fist in crook of right elbow. Tori's left elbow/forearm strikes at uke's exposed elbow, breaking joint.

Log: Matt Bigham 3/15/01: One way to interpret the movements in this art is as someone (typically a woman in response to being struck by a man) covering up her head with her arms. The motion seems natural, and hence its interpretation as an attack is unexpected.

Variation: Prof. Ball and James Bodnar 3/28/03: Use strikes to freeze Uki with hand extended. As Uki punches, drop to outside, punch to short ribs, push face with left, then do art.

Variation: Prof. Ball and James Bodnar 3/28/03: Tori strikes with left over top of strike to Uki's face, freezing Uke momentarily. Do art.

Ude Gyaku Ichi

Arm Reverse 1

Uke punches to tori's head with right straight punch. Tori blocks with right hand nagashi, capturing wrist. Left forearm strikes at joint of elbow, as in Genkotsu Ude Tori.

Uke Gyaku Ni

Arm Reverse 2

Begin as in Ude Gyaku Ichi. But tori induces a front fall in uke by rolling left forearm along uke's tricep insertion point, and by circling uke's right arm with the intent to roll uke's shoulder over. Some bend in uke's arm is useful, then lower arm can be used much as a crank.

Ninin Yubi Tori

Two Person Finger Hold

Two uke's stand side by side, with arms by sides, facing away from uke. Uke obtains Yubi Tori on each and walks them forward maintaining each uke at the point of tapping independently.

Kataeri Tori

Single Lapel Lock

Uke grabs one lapel with right hand. Tori reaches over with right hand to grip little finger side. Roll back on right side taking left elbow over uke's arm completely. Lock wrist as in Katate Tori Ni.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/26/01: There is a forward motion in roll back that serves to turn uke's hand over, or at least start the turn.

Log: Prof. Carr 3/9/02: After roll back, tori can create body rotation by sliding left foot to right and creating 'lift' on right side.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/28/02: Against very stiff wrist and fist, you can carry body's energy into wrist and arm, collapsing it, with careful choice of angle this produces Katate Tori Ni without first turning hand over. This seems a form of peng energy.

Ushiro Gyaku

Rear Reverse

Uke stands, hands at sides. Tori approaches from rear, grasping both of uke's hands at wrist. Tori tugs on hands back and toward center, creating stagger in uke. Tori takes uke to floor on face, holding hands behind, and then steps on center of uke's back and lifts arms.

Log: Prof. Hudson 3/15/01: This art can be performed off a reach or punch by uke. One hand is trapped, tori steps behind, then other hand is trappped.

Kata Hagai

Single Wing Pinion

Uke punches tori with right straight punch. Tori nagashi's with left hand, stepping forward and to the left. Tori brings right hand up across uke's body to far side of uke's neck, where left hand meets it, and forms lock with tori's right radius pressing on uke's vagus nerve. Tori's forehead point presses into temporal lobe on uke.

Tekubi Shigarami

Wrist Arm Capture

Uke punches with right straight punch. Tori blocks with nagashi, sticking to uke's wrist. Tori pivots to right, left arm coming over Uke's arm, then underneath to grasp tori's right wrist. Pivot body to left to obtain wrist break and lock. Uke will lose balance and become supported by hold. Tori sits down, bringing hind quarters in as close as possible to uke's body, and applys pressure to wrist.

Genkotsu Otoshi

Dropping Punch

Uke performs double ear strike. Tori blocks with Shuto Uke below both elbows, then grips both upper arms near elbows. Head butt to face with corner of forehead, knee to groin. Tori steps forward to left with left foot. Tori collapses Uki's leg with right foot and thigh. Holding Uki's right hand with left, Tori punches to short ribs with dropping punch.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/28/02: Block can be done alternately with hands striking Uki's upper arms, and with forearms and elbows blocking Uki's lower arms. Yet another variation is to block at shoulders or near to interrupt energy early.

Hon Gyaku Ichi

Basic Wing 1

Uke strikes with overhead strike. Tori Nagashi's at Uki's elbow/upper arm. Uke's arm goes between legs, and is caught by Tori's left hand. Tori grabs collar with right hand.

Hon Gyaku Ni

Basic Wing 2

Uke punches with straight right. Tori does Nagashi with left forearm, circling down and back to hammerlock. Tori reaches across neck to Uki's left shoulder. Press to make Uke's back arch backward.

Ushiro Dake Nage

Rear Embracing Throw

Uki grabs around torso, including arms, from behind. Tori performs curl on both sides, palms up. Tori then pushes palms out and sinks down, releasing hold. Throw Seoi Nage.

Log: : Throwing Seoi Nage from the obtained position without adjustment is a valuable training exercise.

Variation: Dan 8/1/03: Instead of pushing hands out, push them down then circling up, sort of like jumping jacks. This leaves hands in position for Seoi Nage.

Mae Dake Nage Ichi

Front Embracing Throw 2

Uke holds Tori in bear hug from front, leaving arms free. Tori puts thumbs behind jawbone below ears. Fingers hold head in place while thumbs hit nerves. Follow with knee to groin, throw.

Mae Dake Nage Ni

Front Embracing Throw 1

Uki grabs Tori in bear hug from front, including arms. Tori lifts one leg to side, unbalancing Uki. When Uki steps wide to rebalance, Tori grabs crotch, pokes ribs, head butts. Then Tori throws Uki, with Kesa Nage or Soto Geri, or O Goshi


Shoulder Wheel

Uki punches with straight right. Tori nagashi's with left, crosses with right to Uki's shoulder. Tori wheels arm through 270 degrees. Bring right knee up Uki's face (Uki blocks with L hand). Tori slides left hand to take Katate Tori San, and right hand to take figure 4. Tori steps back with Right to protect groin.

Log: Jerold Kunzman 4/23/01: Learned art.

Variation: Prof. Ball and James Bodnar 3/28/03: Tori does inside out block with left forearm, hands together. Tori inserts right hand past neck with Kasumi Dori, penetrates past. Tori then hooks Uki's neck and pulls it down to his knee coming up. Tori's left hand has stuck to Uki's right and circled it up to a wrist lock, Tori applies figure 4 for elbow, pushes into shoulder.

Variation: Prof. Sheryl Hager 6/22/03: Uke punches with low uppercut right hand. Tori blocks with left backfist, then lays back of hand across Uke's arm palm up, thumb to outside. Arm is wheeled as normal. Right hand is extended palm up over Uke's right shoulder, as Tori moves in close, chest to chest with Uke. Tori performs elbow strike to back of Uke's right shoulder, then pivots to face the same direction as Uke, taking knee to face, arm to upright, and getting figure four wrist lock, as in main variation.


Knee Block

Uki takes defensive stance. Tori feints high (making Uki blink), drops to kneeling. Tori hooks right hand behind Uki's right (forward) foot. Simultaneously, Tori presses on Uki's right thigh close to knee with Tori's left forearm. Uki falls down. Tori rises, hooks toe behind Uki's right knee, stepping through to roll Uki over. Tori sits on Uki's butt, pulling Uki's right leg up with left ankle in Uki's knee joint, and right thigh holding Uki's right instep. Tori turns and reaches for Uki's head, grasping along jawbone with each hand and pulling head up and back.

Log: Jerold Kunzman 4/23/01: Learned art

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Pull on right leg is low, as parallel to floor as possible. Knee block can be below knee, touching, as well.

Log: 7/10/05: When pushing on leg just above the knee, a diagonal cutting movement with the left forearm increases effectiveness of this movement.

Mae Osaegami Nage

Front Hair Grabbing Throw

Uki grabs Tori's hair from front with right hand. Tori locks down Uki's hand with right, strikes elbow with left palm strike. Tori turns around, keeping arm, breaks elbow on Tori's left shoulder. Turn Uki's palm down (for safety), pull Uki's hand up, sliding shoulder down, and maintaining contact. Throw as in a Seoi Nage.

Log: Jerold Kunzman 4/23/01: Learned art.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/7/02: Use more precise hand placement, grasping base of Uki's thumb. slide around to Katate Tori Ni lock position, and pull Uki's hand over left shoulder as you are turning to fit in. Uki will likely turn so right side is more forward, so footwork must turn you at an angle to original axis of throw.

Ushiro Osaegami Nage

Rear Hair Grabbing Throw

Uke grabs Tori's hair from behind with right hand. Trap hand, kind of a yubi tori. Tori turns right foot out, pivots, kicks with left foot (don't put foot down first) at Hon Getsu or Sui Getsu point. Letting uke's wrist turn in his hands (for safety), Tori steps under to the right of Uki, turns right and arm whips.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/7/02: Be very deliberate and precise on wristlock. When allowing turn, allow precisely half a turn and get exact grip on hand.

Kesa Nage

Scarf Throw

Uke strikes with right roundhouse. Tori blocks with left shuto, and uses palm strike to opposite collarbone. Tori steps behind, slides right hip behind and below Uki's hip and throws. Uki does a back side fall.

Log: Jerold Kunzman 11/22/00: Learned art

Log: Nancy Bigham 7/25/02: Right hand strike can be to throat with thumb-hand joint. Some schools teach fall as a back-flip (supported) to face fall.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/7/02: Kiai and timing break up Uki's strike, rolling him back. There is a sharp contrast from Kiai to slipping in behind for throw. Throw is with left hip.

Ashi Karami

Foot Capture

Uki takes a right defensive stance. Tori feints to head, then slides into home with lower leg extended. Tori hooks lower leg behind ankle, and pushes with other foot above knee, and slightly up. Straighten lower leg to avoid crush.

Log: Jerold Kunzman and Michael Choy 11/22/2000: Learned art

Log: Michael Choy : Not so much a slide as it is putting hands down to mat and extending feet.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/7/02: Tori must get lower than Uki. Jab with hand to eyes and kiai. Upper foot goes below patella pushing with outside of foot up along femur, uprooting as well as hyperextending knee. Lower foot hooks and pulls Uki's foot toward and up. Practice finding range with the art.

Sannin Nage

Three Man Throw

Three Uki's. One holds Tori around waist, the other two hold one wrist each to each side. Tori kicks the one to the side pulling the harder. When he releases reverse to kick Uki on other side. Finally, throw the Uki at back by locking arm and throwing Makikomi

Log: Nancy Bigham : As an alternative to Makikomi, Tori may reach between legs, grab Uki's leg and pull forward