Sei Katsu

Back Resuscitation

To revive Uki from choke out. Tori pulls Uki to sitting position on mat. Tori holds Uki from behind and to the left, with left hand across chest, grasping lapel. Tori places elbow along Uki's spine with forearm aligned up spine, palm of hand aligned between Uke's shoulder blades at vertebrae T5 or T6. Tori strikes with a dead hand by hinging elbow. Simultaneously, Tori kiais at the base of Uki's skull.

Variation: Profs Fisher and Nolte 6/23/06: Another resucitation from unconciousness: Rub the sternum, the lower half, with first knuckle of index finger.

Variation: Profs Fischer and Nolte 6/23/06: To revive from unconciousness or coma: Press on Uke's thumbnail right near the line of the nail bed. Biting can be used to get more crushing power. Must be very hard.

Nuki Katsu

Shoot Through Resuscitation

To revive Uki from choke out. Sei Katsu ineffective or inappropriate. Tori puts Uki on back, and then lifts up head and shoulders, placing them on Tori's lap. Tori uses both index fingers to penetrate into front top of collarbone, angling towards xiphoid process. Tori kiais at Uki's heart simultaneously.

Log: Prof Carr 6/22/06: Uke may be laid flat on back if Tori can sit down low enough to get good access.

Ashi Katsu

To revive from choke out, when Sei Katsu and Nuki Katsu are ineffective or inappropriate. Tori applies percussion with cupped hand to "Bubbling Well" of Uki's left foot. Tori kiais simultaneously at Uki's head. Be sure Tori holds foot to prevent being kicked.

Log: Prof Fisher 6/23/06: Point may be located by drawing line longitudinal dividing sole of foot, then bisect this line at 90 degress. Next draw a quartering line just below Uke's foot pad. Correct target point is just below and lateral from the intersection of this line and the longitudinal line.

Kin Katsu Ichi

Testicular Resuscitation 1

Restorative art for groin concussion. Tori instructs Uki to assume a horse stance and jump, landing heavily, with kiai.

Kin Katsu Ni

Testicular Resuscitation 2

Restorative art for groin concussion, when Kin Katsu Ichi is ineffective or inappropriate. Tori has Uki sit on mat, stands behind and lifts Uki with arms under uki's arms, and wrapped around chest. Tori tilts Uki to one side and bounces Uki on buttocks. Tori also gives gentle kicks to sciatic nerve.

Kin Katsu San

Testicular Resuscitation 3

Restorative art for groin concussion, when Uki is fetal on mat. Tori determines side which is injured. Uki will resist leg straightening on that side more vigorously. Tori pins that leg open under Tori's armarm and massage inguinal canal inside (toward abdomen) hip joint toward groin. Massage is with doubled index and middle fingers, reinforced with other hand on wrist.

Variation: Prof Fisher 6/23/06: A variation of this technique can be used to treat menstrual cramps. Reverse the direction of massage, pushing deep into inguinal crease and drawing upward to the rough location of the ovaries.

Hanaji Tomoe

For nosebleed. Tori pinches the bridge of Uki's nose VERY lightly. No heavier than one would press on one's own eyeball (or testicle). Simultaneously, Tori pulls on the hairs at the back of Uki's neck. Then, Tori gently taps at the base of Uki's head with a "judo chop" motion.

Variation: Steve Balzac : Alternatively, hold accupoints on either side of hand: in joint between thumb and first finger, above first knuckle, and on corresponding point on outside of hand.

Eri Katsu

Lapel Resuscitation

For diaphragm spasm. Uki sits on mat, Tori kneels behind Uki. Tori reaches under Uki's arms and grabs lapels. Tori pulls Uki back, pulling Uki's arms back and up, and supporting Uki's back with knee, inducing inhalation. For exhalation, Tori reverses process, manipulating Uki to slumped over sitting position.

Log: Prof Carr 6/22/06: This is the resucitation of first choice for treating a locked diaphragm, then Tanden Katsu, then Hon Katsu

Variation: Prof Nolte 6/23/06: Taught to Prof Nolte by Wally Jay, who used it for choke outs. Sit Uke up on mat. Tori kneels upright behind them with right knee. Uke is leaned back a little, Tori places his hands on Uke's pectoral muscles, and compresses Uke's chest from above. Tori expands Uke's chest by then pulling arms up and pushing knee forward to spread Uke's chest.

Tanden Katsu

For diaphragm spasm. Tori sits uke up on mat from behind. Tori reaches around and joins hands together under the tanden -- four inches below belly button. Tori pulls in and up to induce exhalation; reverses for inhalation

Hon Katsu

For diaphragm spasm (wind knocked out). Lie uke flat on mat on back. Tor stands over uke's hips. Tori reaches under lowest part of rib cage and lifts up gently.

Hiza Oshimasu

Treatment for headache. Uke lays flat on back. Tori kneels with knees on either side of Uke's head, knees touching Uke's shoulders. Tori asks Uke to signal when he doesn't want it to get any tighter. Tori places both hands in Sword Secret Hand pointing into knees. Tori squeezes knees together until Uke signals. Tori holds this compression for about 10 seconds, then releases slowly. Visualization is that Tori is giving energy into Uke, but then drawing out bad energy on release.

Log: Profs Fisher and Nolte 6/23/06: First learned.

No Kappo

Treatment for headache. Uke sits upright on mat. Tori kneels alongside, placing right hand on Uke's forehead above eyebrows, and left hand on back of Uke's head, keeping to the upper hemisphere. Interlace fingers if possible, getting some contact to complete the circuit. Elbows begin up, and drop as Tori applies pressure squeezing until Uke signals that it's tight enough. Tori holds for 10 seconds then releases slowly.

Log: Profs Fisher and Nolte 6/23/06: Learned art.

Variation: Profs Fisher and Nolte 6/23/06: Can be done side to side as well, as with Hiza Oshimasu.

Noto Katsu

Treatment for suicidal thoughts and feelings, or serious depression. Uke is seated. Tori talks to them approaching, touching back and neck, giving massage with left hand. Right hand comes in front grasping around trachea with index finger and thumb high into underside of chin. Grasp around trachea and slide down holding tightly. This is very painful and will enrage uke. However, anger will usually snap uke out of depression. Don't practice this on full.

Log: Profs Fisher and Nolte 6/23/06: Learned art.