Kiai No Maki

Waribashi Ori

Break a chopstick with a piece of paper

Karatake Ori

Two full glasses of water are placed on adjacent tables. A piece of bamboo is placed on top of them, the bamboo is of length so that it reaches between the near rims but not the far rims. Tori breaks the bamboo in two with a sword cut, without spilling the water.

Hara Age Ishi Wari

Breaking stone on stomach. Tori lays flat, with eye protection. Stone is placed on four points: two rib points and two hip points. Head is raised slightly, but not tilted forward. Tori kiais to push up stomach, pushing up stone. Kiai must be timed to coincide with the downward stroke of the hammer, which Uke strikes the center of the stone with. Tori's intent must be to break the rock on the hammer.

Log: 6/23/2006: I performed this art with Prof. Tom Ball as Uke, breaking a solid decorative brick into four pieces. I was very slightly late on the kiai, and felt that the upward push was smothered a bit, also there was an unpleasant shock wave through my abdomen.

Shiraha Watari