Oku No Te

Deashi Hayanada

Advancing Foot Quick Blade

Tori throws Uke Deashi Harai. As Uki falls, Tori maintains grip on Uki's right arm, arranging for Uki to come to rest on his side at Tori's feet. Tori brings right foot over Uki's head, extends Uki's arm to Tori's front and up, then sits down, clamping Uki's arm between knees. Force for elbow break can be supplied by torso turn.

Log: Matt Bigham 7/11/02: For uke's safety keep arm at a distance from chest until all the way down to the mat. It is more correct to end with arms at chest, but this should only be practiced on black belts.

Ogoshi Hayanada

Major Hip Quick Blade

Tori throws O Goshi. Tori brings Uke to his feet as in Deashi Hayanada. Tori steps over Uke with both feet, pinning Uke's left arm. Extend arm, sit down and bar arm with knees.

Seoi Hayanada

Back Carry Quick Blade

Tori throws Seoi Nage. Uke lands at Tori's feet, with tori grasping Uke's right wrist with both hands. Tori extends the arm, pins the elbow/upper arm between knees, sits down and bars the arm.


Riding the Body

Uke throws O Goshi. Tori places left hand on the base of Uke's neck (in back), and sutemi's very tightly, almost wrapping in to Uke. Size differences can be adjusted for by controlling how directly over the top it is. On landing, Tori's right hand pulls on Uke's gi lapel, left hand creates choke with blade hand to carotid, and right toe controls point of hip.


Corner Overturn

From referee's position, push on Uke's left side to transition to deep stance. Tori turns left foot out, blocking Uke's right foot. Tori steps deep with right just inside of Uke's left foot, with knee pointing out to set up a gama sort of action. Tori then sits on right foot, with a spiralling action that begins almost straight back. Avoid back arches; move weight via a sitting action with back straight. Maintain grip on Uke as he sutemis over the top, or he will be able to roll out.


Underwater Dive

Uke boxes Tori's ears. Tori blocks with Shuto Uke on both sides, then grasps wrists. Wrists are pulled over head and back by Tori as he pushes his head into Uke's chest and then down to his groin, as Tori kneels. Tori then releases grip and brings hands down, forward, then up, completing the circle as he straightens up and pulls back leg in.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Tori may grasp Uke's arms anywhere along the arms to compensate for differences in arm length.


Front Mountain Shadow

Uke throws Tori with Seioi Nage. Tori stop hits the outside shoulder, then right hand slides palm up over the crease of Uki's shoulder/neck, twisting further, and going under left hand to grasp the back of Uki's collar, while turning body to be back to back. Being sure of good alignment, Tori sinks hips below the level of Uki's hips and throws Uki with an action like Seoi Nage. Uki should end up standing/kneeling in front of Tori, who finishes with a kick to the face.


Entering In

From referee's position, Uki takes a deep stance with left foot back. Tori kicks (lightly steps on for practice) just above and to inside of left knee, collapsing Uki. Left hand circles down to first block other leg, then lift it over shoulder as Tori's right foot sticks to the leg as it goes. Hands join (as in Kata Gatame) over kneecap and apply force to kneecap at an angle, as ball of foot hits nerve point on knee.


Forearm Overturn

Uke punches with straight punch. Tori nagashi's with left (followed by right) and moves to the inside. Turning and extending Uke, Tori throws Uki with arm whip. Uki rises after sutemi, and attacks again with roundhouse, which Tori counters with Yama Arashi. Tori must not give ground between throws.


Reverse Pull Out

Uki and Tori walk toward each other; Uki's intent is to bump into Tori. Tori belly bumps Uki, while grabbing Uki's right hand, in Katate Tori San. With hand at eye level, Tori's right hand grinds and extends Uki's arm, while left hand strikes with knife edge to belly, doubling Uki over. Right arm continues leading Uki out and down into an arm whip, while Tori kneels. Uki's wrist should be placed on mat in front and to the right of Tori. Once Uki is landed, Tori places his knee on Uki's arm barring it.

Gyakute Nage

Reverse Arm Throw

Uki throws O Goshi. Tori bars Uki's arm with left, pushes on Uki's left shoulder with right and steps back dropping Uki much as in Ushiro Goshi. While squatting, form figure 4 with left hand on right and put pressure on Uki's elbow by straightening.

Hon Tomoe

True Circle

Alternately, Uki stands in horse stance. Tori holds lapels goes up by stepping on Uki's thighs, then sinks between Uki's legs (no back arch!). Uki is thrown as in Tomoe Nage, Tori does a back roll ending on Uki's chest. Apply Tsukikomi Shime Alternately, Tori does Tomoe Nage, Tori sticks to Uki, does a back roll, ending on Uki's chest. Apply Tsukikomi Shime.

Katate Tomoe

One Arm Circle

From referee's position, Tori graps Uke's hand as in Ryoeri Hazushi. At the same time, Tori's right foot lays out edge (as in Yoko Geri) along Uki's pelvis, at the top of the iliac crest, on that same side. Tori then spirals down as in Sumigaeshi, throwing Uki.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Updated description to include Yoko Geri and iliac crest.


Arm Capture

Uki punches with straight right. Tori blocks inside out Shuto, but sticking to the wrist and circling it down and around to left side where left hand grabs as well. Tori turns to right with kazushi on hand/arm, and breaks Uki's elbow on Tori's left shoulder, then throws Seoi Nage in reverse as in Mae Osaegami Nage.

Log: Nancy Bigham 1/16/03: Learned art.

Gyaku Shigarami

Reverse Capture

Uki strikes with right-hand straight punch. Tori does ulna press takcdown (Ude Gyaku Ni), but remains standing and steps with left foot into Uki's shoulder joint. Uki's arm is then circled around Tori's left knee, which pushes forward and in to create lock.

Log: Nancy Bigham 1/16/03: Learned art.

Kote Shigarami

Forearm Capture

Uki strikes right-handed with over hand strike. Tori blocks high and early with Jodan Uke left hand, then brings right hand up underneath Uki's forearm near the elbow. Tori's right hand has thumb up, and this hooks into Uki's elbow. Pull elbow forward as you push blocked hand backward, creating a torque in place on Uki's upper arm and shoulder. As Uki drops, Tori must slide right hand over Uki's lower arm near wrist. Forearm is planted vertical to ground, with wrist bent as in Katate Tori San, and applied by the ground. Tori kneels on left knee, and puts right knee into Uki's armpit. Tori can torque arm further by levering elbow away, wrist towards himself.

Log: Nancy Bigham 1/16/03: Learned art.


Small Wheel

Counter to Mizukuguri. Tori attemps double ear box, Uki blocks and goes in for Mizukuguri. Tori squats down and clamps Uki's head with inner thighs, keeping Uki's shoulders above his knees. Tori grabs under Uki's hamstrings, near buttocks, and, thrusting dan tien forward, does a partial back roll rolling Uki in a forward roll over one head.

Log: Matt Bigham 1/18/03: Learned art. Application is to stand, lifting Uki upside down and dropping him on his head, back roll is for Uki's safety.

Tora Nage

Tiger Throw

Uki punches with straight right. Tori does Nagashi with right, reaching inside right hand with left to grasp Uki by nape of neck. Tori steps in with right foot, and strikes Uki with right handed Sei Getsu. Then, right hand blocks across Uki's body, as Tori throws Uki, turning body. Tori stays connected to Uki, and encourages them to stand by grabbing hair or grasping just below occipital bone, to throw from same position a second and third time. After third throw Tori kicks to spine.

Log: Matt Bigham 1/18/03: Learned art. Left foot should stay in one spot.

Tora Katsugi

Tiger Shouldering

Tori removes belt and doubles it once. Tori grasps doubled belt with both hands about two feet apart. Hands are circled away and down, coming up under belt so that belt is laid across back of hands. Belt is gripped loosely so the slack is taken out. Belt can be used to block, shedding blows much like a Gedan Uke. To perform art, Tori prepares belt. Uki punches with right straight punch. Tori blocks with belt, left hand forward, making contact with Uki's neck, as in a Kasumi Dori. Stepping forward, right hand wraps belt around neck, and feeds belt into right hand. Belt should lie flat and there is a gap at the back of the neck where the two ends join. Right hand slides index finger into this gap, thumb on one side of belt, and other fingers on the other. Apply choke by cinching on belt. Throw as in Maeyamakage. After throw, Tori pulls Uke to prone, then kneels on Uki and chokes on the ground.

Log: Matt Bigham 1/18/03: Learned art.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Added finishing choke to description.

Arashi Otoshi

Storm Drop

Uki strikes with straight right to chest/center. Tori blocks with left hand at Uki's hand or wrist, down and perhaps to right. Tori blocks and grabs gi at elbow. Left hand overlaps and grabs Uki's lapel laying forearm across Uki's neck. Tori turns Uki away, using grip on gi arm, and plants head at back of Uki's right shoulder to bar arm, while left arm applies choke as in Ichimonji Shime. Uki is bent backward, Tori sweeps Uki's near foot and drops him in a back fall.

Log: Matt Bigham 1/18/03: Learned art.

Hiki Otoshi

Pulling Drop

Uki punches with straight right to head. Tori nagshi's with both hands, passing to outside of Uki. Tori grasps gi at Uki's elbow with left, and Uki's wrist with right. Tori continues nagashi's circle down to Uki's side and slightly to back. Tori drops Uki by pulling on arm reversing the curve to make a sword cut behind Uki. As Uki drops, left leg comes up, Tori grabs it with right hand, retaining grip on Uki's gi, and twisting it to cinch it up. Moving Uki's leg forward toward his head, Tori tosses Uki's wrist into the joint behind Uki's leg, pressing leg down to trap wrist and put pressure on knee. Tori rolls Uki over to side and hits nerve on ulna just above Uki's elbow with knuckle of left while maintaining grip on gi.

Log: Matt Bigham 2/1/03: Learned art. Instead of using sword cut to drop, it seems as though one could use shaking energy, as in Ushiro Gyaku.

Kine Katsugi

Mallet Shouldering

Uke attacks with right straight punch. Tori does Nagashi Uke with left hand that transitions to a grip on Uke's wrist, while penetrating beneath Uke in a stance low enough to place uke's lead shoulder slightly below Uke's center. The right hand leads this movement, threading between Uke's legs. The lead (right) shoulder should be lower than the trailing shoulder at this point. Tori performs the kake by reversing this, rolling Uke across his shoulders.

Kin Katsugi

Testicle Shouldering

Very similar to Kine Katsugi with the primary difference being that instead of Tori's lead hand threading between the legs, it instead symbolizes the grabbing of Uke's testicles by grabbing the gi pants on Uke's inner thigh. As the kake is performed, this hold is demonstrated by maintaining the grep as Uke sutemis, letting Uke's weight pull the gi pants out of Tori's upraised hand.


Wind Wheel

Uke attempts to box Tori's ears. Tori drops low to avoid and shoulders in to Uki's solar plexus or perhaps even a bit lower, bringing Uke up. At the same time, Tori brings his hand to behind Uke's knees lifting them up. Uke makes a back fall. From this position, Tori steps forward and across Uke's body with, for example, the right foot. This movement should roll Uke over onto his chest, with Uke astride him. By sinking and pulling on Uke's leg, Tori can now threaten Uke's spinal column.

Jigoku Otoshi

Hell Drop

Entry is identical to Kine Katsugi, but instead of throwing, Tori stands erect with Uke across his shoulders. Uke then spins 3 times in each direction, then throws Uke, as in Kine Katsugi, only while erect. For Uke's safety, the grip of the left hand is maintained.