Shime Te

Eri Gatame

Lapel Hold

Tori throws Uki Soto Momo Harai. Tori's left foot goes under Uki's left shoulder, keeping Uki on left sided. Tori's right knee goes snug to Uke's shoulder blades or just below, keeping Uke on his left side. Tori traps Uki's arm in left hip joint. Tori slides right hand, thumb up, under Uki's neck, until neck is lying in hollow of wrist joint. Tori's left hand joins with right around back of hand, Tori puts the point of his forehead into Uki's temple. Tori flexes right wrist so that end of radius hits Uki's vagus nerve. Tori escapes with control, towards Uke's head.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Corrections from Nancy as to the way she wants it taught. Tori's right hand maintains grip on lapel during throw. Tori's right knee goes behind shoulders, not kidneys as I had it before. As Tori's hand is slid in to neck, Tori uses right thumb to hit point under Uke's jaw and arch his neck back.

Kata Gatame

Shoulder Hold

Start from same position as Eri Gatame. Uki's right arm is placed over his head. Tori's right hand goes under neck as in Eri Gatame, and is joined by left hand. Tori's right shoulder presses on Uki's scapula, at an angle pushing into Uki's head/neck, creating partial choke. Right wrist hits vagus nerve as in Eri Gatame

Log: Nancy Bigham 5/19/01: Move right knee up higher on back. Shoulder force is up on arm more, tending to force shoulder joint more open.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Tori's upper arm is laid alongside Uke's upper arm, and trunk rotation can be used by Tori to apply force to arm. Ukei's upper arm is ideally beneath chin, Tori may use eyesocket grab with left to pull chin up if needed.

Juji Gatame

Cross Hold

Start as with Eri Gatame. While standing over Uki, Tori circles left leg counterclockwise, trapping Uki's arm behind knee, kneeling with it. Uke may attempt to strike with left, Tori blocks with left and does a belly flop on Uki, spreadeagleing Uki, and sliding right arm underneath Uki's left elbow. Tori locks right hand on left wrist and then lifts for elbow lock, while using upper legs to trap Uki's right arm and pull it to maximum extension.

Shiho Gatame

Four-sided Hold

For safety, Tori turns belt to side. Tori throws Uki with Ushiro Goshi. As Tori falls, for Uki's safety, Tory stays behind Uki and slides left arm deeply under Uki's back. Right hand stays on top. Lower Uki to ground, grab Uki's belt with both hands. Left will be under an arm and right will be over. Place opo (stomach) on Uki's face (for safety Uki turns head to side). All weight shifts to opo, legs are extended and spread for balance.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Nancy wants us to teach both hands under, right hand is slid around as Tori lays on Uke. Hands are then grasp belt and are pulled up.

Variation: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Tori may, once Uke's head is locked under ribcage, pull with hands and thrust hips forward to tweak Uke's neck.

Sankaku Gatame

Triangle Hold

Tori throws Tomoe Nage, Uki counters by dropping weight. Tori brings left foot to Uki's hip, then threads right foot through Uki's arms and to right of Uki's head, bending knee so lower leg goes across Uki's neck and back. Arching back and driving hips into Uki's face, Tori puts left leg against armpit and hooks right ankle in back of knee. Squeeze, choking Uki. Then do back roll over left shoulder, so that Uki is on his back and Tori still has leg hold. (For safety's sake, Uki should arch back and Tori should keep left foot to the side, not across Uki's back.) Bar Uki's right arm across left knee.

Log: Nancy Bigham 5/19/01: Push hips higher to get legs correct. Think fish flop.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Get choke before rolling. Roll can be three ways: over Tori's left shoulder, side roll to left, or side roll to right. Of these the roll over Tori's left shoulder gives Uke a fall that is most familiar at kyu ranks.

Ushiro Gatame

Rear Hold

Uki throws straight right punch to Tori's face. Tori nagashi's with left, putting right hand on to Uki's right shoulder, grasping collar. Tori steps behind Uki (as in Hagai Shime) and gets similar grip on other shoulder. Tori's forearms go above and outside of Uki's shoulder knobs, putting more pressure on shoulder than neck. With shove of midsection to Uki's butt, and pressure down, Uki's stance is broken. Tori lowers Uki to floor in sitting position, sitting behind him, then leaning back. Tori kicks Uki in groin with heels (or kicks feet together to show). Then Tori rakes nerve on insides of Uke's thighs with his heels, allowing a lock of the shoulders. Tori hooks feet under Uki's knees, then rolls Uki over to his face with hip movement and pressure on arms. To escape, disengage one hand and replace on top first.

Log: Nathan 8/26/01: Sit more upright. Hook legs so that Uki can be stretched. Pull down on lapels, not arms.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Once sitting, kick groin, then rake Momo nerve with heels, and obtain lock on shoulders.

Namijuji Shime

Normal Crossing Choke

Tori throws Uki with Soto Momo Harai. Tori mounts, crosses hands over Uki's neck. Tori's fingers grasp under lapel, and lifts Uki's head slightly to settle in. Tori rotates wrists, so that ulna hits cartoid artery, and lowers body over Uki.

Log: Pete St. Pierre 11/10/00: First learned

Log: Matt Bigham 12/23/00: Backs of hands should swaddle neck. Locate muscle with notch in hand, this places wrist knob over carotoid. Movement should be small, with relaxed shoulders and arms.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: After throw, Tori places back of right hand along Uke's neck before sitting on Uke. Choke is applied with backs of hands rather than ulna.

Gyakujuji Shime

Reversed Crossing Choke

Tori throws Soto Momo Harai, mounts Uki. Choke is like Namijuji, execpt that Tori's hands are palm-down, and thumbs are under collar, rotation is in opposite direction.

Log: Pete St. Pierre 11/10/00: First learned.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/23/00: Swaddle Uki's neck with hands, feel for muscle with wrists.

Ichimonji Shime

Straight Line Choke

Tori throws Soto Momo Harai, mounts. Tori grasps with left hand deep under collar as in Gyakujuji Shime. Tori grasps Uki's lapel (opposite side) with right hand. Pick up head to take up slack. Lean in, create tension lowering elbows.

Log: Pete St. Pierre 11/10/00: First learned.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Kata manual allows Tori's right hand to be either in Namijuji or Gyakujuji position, but there are similar arts on later lists that require Gyakujuju grip. Updated description.

Tsukikomi Shime

Thrusting In Choke

Tori throws Soto Momo Harai, mounts Uki. Tori takes both of Uki's lapels, pull Uki's left lapel over trachea and hit carotoid on (Tori's) with knuckle holding lapel. Pull on other lapel to take up slack. If Uki pushes on Tori's right hand to break hold, can switch to other side.

Log: Matt Bigham 11/18/00: First learned.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Choke is applied one hand at a time as described, but not necessarily through the gi that Tori is gripping. Thumb my be extended to directly apply pressure to Uke's artery. Leon claims it can be applied without the gi entirely.

Hadaka Jime Ichi

Naked Choke 1

Uki faces Tori standing. Tori applies knife hand to stomach with left hand, below Sui somewhat, enough to make Uki bend. At the same time, Tori moves right hand to grip Uki's head around his ear and to back. Tori moves Uki's head in a circle to front even as stomach contracts. Tori's left hand meets head as it comes down, left forearm lays across Uki's jawline as head turns. Uki's head is locked under Tori's ribcage. Tori moves right hand to join with left underneath. Thrusting hips forward will put pressure on neck.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/23/00: First learned.

Hadaka Jime Ni

Naked Choke 2

Uki throws Seoi Nage. Tori stop hits with left hand to Uki's outside (left) shoulder blade. Meanwhile, Tori slides right arm into Uki's neck fitting crook of elbow over trachea. Right hand starts palm down and rotates to palm up over Uke's left shoulder. Right hand turns down again, fingers of both hands locking together, with left knuckles anchored against Uke's shoulderblade. At this point flex biceps to induce choke.

Log: Matt Bigham : First learned.

Hadaka Jime San

Naked Choke 3

Uki throws Seoi Nage. Tori stop hits with left and slides right arm around neck as in Hadaka Jime Ni. But left arm comes up to back of head, and right hand connects to inside forearm.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/23/00: First learned. Counter by pulling on arm and turning head toward choking shoulder

Dakikubi Jime

Embracing Neck Hold

Tori approaches Uki from side. Tori hooks behind Uki's head with right arm, and lifts right (inside) leg. Circle leg away from Uki, putting all weight in front of Uki and rotating body with momentum. Land on left knee, left hand, with right leg extended. Tori allows time for Uki's sutemi and landing, then rolls over so that his side is on Uki's chest, joining left hand to right for neck crank

Log: Matt Bigham 5/5/01: First learned

Log: Nancy Bigham 12/12/02: When throwing Mark, too much activity or tension kept my body too high, so he had no place to sutemi to. More relaxed with right arm and less focus on rotation proved more effective.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Corrected description from "put all weight on Uke" to be "put all weight in front of Uke.

Osaegami Jime

Holding Hair Hold

Tori throws O Goshi. As Uke goes over hip, Tori grabs uki's hair/head with left hand. Tori keeps right hand cocked then strikes chin to break neck. Demonstrate this by striking at a point six inches or so off of the point of Uke's chin. Actual art is neck break in air.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/23/00: First learned.

Log: Steve Balzac 4/11/02: Grab far side of head, with finger in ear, rather than hair. Not all Uke have much hair. Turn head to limit before striking with other hand.

Kote Jime

Forearm Hold

Tori does Juji Gatame. Tori counters by bending left arm from elbow, pulling left hand toward shoulder. Tori breaks shoulder by pushing hand down, and lifting elbow up.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/11/01: First learned.

Tenada Jime

Arm Blade Hold

Tori performs Ichimonji Shime. Uke counter chokes. Tori grabs Uki's right arm, swings hips and legs around so that Uki's left leg is over Tori's head, then lay's back applying arm bar while holding Uke's upper arm between knees.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/11/01: Block Uki from choking underneath your arms. Step to kneeling with left leg first. Bring hips forward, pull up on arm, and sit on armpit.

Log: Nancy Bigham 4/11/02: Get Katate Tori on Uki's right hand as you would in Ryoeri Tori. Pulling hand up and to right as you shift weight will roll them over and immobilize them long enough to slip legs around.

Log: Steve Balzac 4/11/02: Drop choke, place right hand on Uki's sternum. Bring left hand around Uki's right arm, place on sternum. Drop all weight onto hands as you pivot around to correct leg position, this will pin them down.

Dho Jime

Body Hold

From referee's position, Tori takes left arm up an over Uki's right arm, wrapping back under it for an arm bar. Tori then steps with left leg, turning body to left, and pushing on Uki's left shoulder, to take Uki to ground. Uki should end up on top of Tori's left leg (Uki arches back for safety), and hence the right leg can go over top to obtain arm bar and leg scissor.

Log: Nancy Bigham 5/19/01: First learned. Can also do from Tomoe Nage where Uki counters. Or can do jumping from head on.

Ashikarami Jime

Leg Lock Hold

Tori performs Gyakujuji Jime: throw, mount and begin choke. Tori places feet as close to under Uki's thighs as possible Uki tries to buck Tori off with hip movement. Tori shoots feet backward, twining under Uki's knees and hooking feet over Uki's ankles, while moving upper body forward into choke.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/5/01: First learned.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Choke performed could be either, but train Gyakujuji, as it is easier and needed in some other arts.

Ashinada Jime

Leg Blade Hold

Tori throws Uki with Deashi Harai. Tori catches swept leg with right hand over the top. Right leg steps through Uki's crotch and twines around to outside while right arm slides under Uki's calf. Hide right toes behind left knee. Tori sits down as close to Uki's bottom as possible, then leans back, supports right hand with left, and applies pressure to nerve in middle of calf with torqueing wrist motion.

Log: Matt Bigham 12/12/00: First learned.

Log: Steve Balzac 4/11/02: For escape, pressure can be applied to bubbling well accupressure point with thumb while doing Katate Tori to toes.

Ashiyubi Jime

Toe Hold

Tori throws Uki Deashi Harai, catching swept leg from underneath with right hand. Tori steps through crotch with right leg, and sits down as in Ashinada Jime. Tori grasps toes with right hand and bends them back while twisting to outside, barring knee with overwrapped leg.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/5/01: First learned.

Log: Nancy Bigham 5/19/01: Catch heel with hand, already in position.

Momo Jime

Thigh Press

Uke does Dho Jime to Tori. Tori counters by pressing elbows into nerve on inside of thigh. The pressure starts close to the groin, and moves down toward the knees.

Log: Nancy Bigham 5/19/01: First learned.

Log: Nancy Bigham 4/11/02: From Tomoe Nage position, as Uke applies hold, turn shoulders and drop one elbow in. Can strike groin if necessary, or hit one thigh to loosen up.

Log: Nancy Bigham 8/1/03: Updated description to include raking of nerve.

Shikano Itsosuku Jime

Deer's One Leg Hold

Uke punches at Tori, straight punch. Tori takes down with Ude Gyaku Ni. Maintaining hold on right arm, Tori pokes back of Uki's right thigh with ball of left foot, bottom part of leg should come up. Tori grabs Uki's ankle and pulls Uki with leg and arm up onto left side. Tori then wraps left leg around Uki's right leg, circling leg clockwise, and places shin in crook of Uki's knee. Tori then sits down and leans forward, putting pressure on knee. Tori applies hammer lock to Uki's right arm. Grip on arm is released, and Tori's forearm slides up under Uki's allowing for the possibility of leverage.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/5/01: First learned.

Shidare Fuji Jime

Hanging Wisteria Hold

Tori throws Tomoe Nage. Uke counters by dropping weight. Tori brings up knee and places big toe in the notch at the top of Uki's sternum. Force toe past and hook behind. When releasing, Tori blocks leg with his left, and pushes Uki over.

Log: Matt Bigham 5/5/01: First learned.

Variation: Prof. Lee Eichelberger 5/20/03: This art can be applied with fingers from a position where Uke is choking Tori, as in Momiji Hazushi, with either one finger, or two fingers overlapped. There is another spot, possibly better, to the side of the sternum notch, on the top, where Nuki Katsu is applied.

Tatsumaki Jime

Dragon Winding (Whirlwind) Hold

From referee's position, Uki assumes a deep stance with left leg back. Tori places right foot on Uki's left thigh, and swings diagonally under Uki, down and to the right. Tori pushes on thigh to keep Uke off his body. Uki lands on top of right leg, Tori brings left leg over Uki's body to loop over Uki's head, while keeping Uki's right arm. Finishing position is like Tenada Jime, only upside down.