Tanto no Maki

Hibara Hazushi

Side Escape

Uki holds knife in trailing grip, edge outward. Uki cuts at ribs, Tori jumps back just enough to avoid cut. Uki immediately stabs with point at base of Tori's neck. Tori comes in with kiai, blocking at the upper arm and performing Ude Tori Ni. Pin arm with knee, take knife.

Katate Hazushi

Single Hand Escape

Uke holds knife in stabbing grip, edge in. Uke stabs with overhead strike, at top of Tori's head. Tori parries with Nagashi, above elbow, and spirals hand in toward Uki's shoulder, much like in Ude Gyaku Ni. Once established, Tori takes Uke down by putting his weight onto Uke's (trapped) elbow, sinking and turning to the right. Take knife away while maintaining hammerlock.

Variation: Matt Bigham : Instead of sinking on Uke's elbow, Uke can take Tori down by driving the left hand up and over Uke, and then finally to the mat. This is less effective when Uke is much taller than Tori, which is why this is a variation for me, a short person.

Tsukikomi Hazushi

Thrust Pull Escape

Uki thrusts to abdomen of Tori. Tori pivots on left leg, rotating left arm clockwise to block. Keep right arm clear of blade. While sticking, grasp Uki's hand, and perform Katate Tori.

Log: Matt Bigham : From same pivot, instead cradle uke's forearm from below with left arm, and press down on knife hand with right, creating Katate Tori Ni.

Ryote Dome

Uki holds knife in thrust grip, but stabs underhand and upward. Tori block with Gedan Uke, and then obtains Ude Gyaku Ni.