Uke Te

Jodan Uke

Uprising Block

Uke strikes overhand, downward at the top of Tori's head. Uki punches with hand straight up past face and into slanting position over head. Keep elbow as close as possible to ear, catch blow on forearm close to elbow.

Nagashi Uke

Sweeping Block

Uke punches with straight right punch. Uke steps to left (not leaning), and parrys with left hand, contacting high on arm, perhaps at elbow.

Shuto Uke

Knife-hand Block

Uke punches with roundhouse right. Tori blocks by hitting Uke's inner forearm with outside edge of knife-hand. Hand is held with fingers extended and together, and slightly cupped for structural strength.

3/15/02: Steve Balzac Don't receive force, strike through the strike, energy will go into Uke.

Gedan Uke

Lower Block

Uke kicks to groin with snap kick. Tori steps back and blocks down with arms crossed at wrists and palms down, catching kick. Rotating the hands from palms up to palms down strengthens this block.