Crime Lord Talents



     Fear Me: Once per encounter, as a reaction to one of your minions being moved down the condition track, you can reduce the steps they are moved down by one. In addition, the target regains HP equal to your heroic level. If the target minion is reduced to 0 HP or moved to the bottom of the condition track, you cannot use this talent on them.

         Prerequisite: Attract Minion, Inspire Fear II.

         Frighten: Once per encounter, you can esignate a minion as a free action to spread fear aming your enemies. At any point before the end of the encounter, you can activate this ability to force all enemies adjacent to your minion to move 1 square away from your minion. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

         Prerequisite: Attract Minion, Inspire Fear I.

     Inspire Fear I: Any opponent whose level is less than equal to your heroic level takes a -1 penalty on attack rolls and skill checks made against you, including Use the Force skill checks made to activate Force powers. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

         Inspire Fear II: As Inspire Fear I, but the penalty is -2.

         Prerequisite: Inspire Fear I.

         Inspire Fear III: As Inspire Fear I, but the penalty is -5.

         Prerequistes: Inspire Fear I, Inspire Fear II.

         Notorious: You are well known as a crime lord throughout the sector, perhaps the galaxy. When you are not disguised, you may reroll any Persuasion skill check made to intimidate others, keeping the better result.

         Shared Notoriety: When your minions invoke your name, others take note. If you have minions, they may reroll Persuasion skill checks made  to intimidate others, but the result of the reroll must be accepted, even if it is worse.

         Prerequisite: Notorious, Attract Minion.

         Terrify: As a standard action, you can make a Persuasion skill check against any enemy in line of sight that is also affected by your Inspire Fear talent. If you equal or exceed the target's Will Defense, then on its next action the target must spend at least on move action to mive away from you. If the target is somehow prevented from doing so, the penalty from Inspire Fear doubles until the start of your next turn. This is a mind-affecting fear affect.

         Prerequisites: Frighten, Inspire Fear II.

         Unsavory Reputation: Any opponent that is reduced to ½ its normal HP while within 6 squares of you suffers a -2 penalty on attack rolls and skill checks for the duration of the encounter. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

         Prerequisites: Inspire Fear III, Notorious.



     Castigate: You deliver a scathing rebuke against a target to erode its will and fill it with doubt. Make a Persuasion check as a standard action against the target's Will Defense. If successful, you impose a -2 penalty to all the target's defenses until the end of your next turn. You can use this ability only against targets that can clearly hear you and understand you and understand your language.

     Prerequisite: Presence.

     Presence: You can make a persuasion check to intimidate a creature as a standard action instead of a full-round action.

         Demand Surrender: Once per Encounter, you can make a Persuasion check as a standard action to demand surrender from an opponent who has less than half their hit points remaining. If your check result equals or exceeds the target's Will Defense, they surrender to you and your allies, drops any weapons they are holding, and take no hostile actions. If the Target is higher level than you, they get a +5 bonus to its Will Defense. If the target is twice your level or more, they get a +10 bonus to their will defense. If you or any of your allies attack them they may act normally.

         Prerequisite: Presence.

       Improved Weaken Resolve: As Weaken Resolve, except that the target doesn't stop fleeing from you if wounded.

         Prerequisite: Weaken Resolve.

         Weaken Resolve: Once per round, when you deal damage equal to or greater than the target's damage threshold, make a Persuasion check as a free action; if the result equals or exceeds the target's Will Defense, you fill the target with terror, causing it to flee in terror from you at top speed for 1 minute. The target stops fleeing and can act normally if it is wounded. As a free action or as a reaction, the target can spend a Force Point to negate the effect. The effect is automatically negated if the target's heroic level is equal to or  higher than your character level. This is a mind-affecting fear effect.

         Prerequisite: Presence



       Connections: You are able to obtain licensed, restriced, military, or illegal equipment without having to pay a licensing fee or endure a background check, provided the total cost of the desired equipment Is equal to or less than your character level x 1,000 credits. In addition, when obtaining equipment or services through the black market, you reduce the black market cost multiplier by 1.

         Educated: Thakns to your well-rounded education, you may make any Knowledge skill check untrained.

         Engineer: You are trained in the Mechanics skill. In addition, when installing new systems into s vehicle, the efficiency of your design reduces the time it takes to install the system by 25%.

         Prerequisites: Educated, Training in Knowledge (Technology).

         Influential Friends: You have influential contacts within a certain organization, planet, or region who can provide concrete information, to on certain subjects. Once per day, you can have one of these contacts make a skill check on your behalf. The contact always takes 20 on the skill check (even if the skill would not normally allow it) and has skill modifier of 5+1/2 your heroic level. Contacting your influential allies and receiving the benefit of the skill check takes a number of minutes equal to 10 x the skill check result.

         Prerequisite: Connections.

         Powerful Friends: You have a powerful contact who has an extended sphere of influence. The contact. The contact could be an Imperial Senator, a high-level military officer, a regional governor, an infamous crime lord, or another person of similar significance. Once per encounter, you can invoke the name of your powerful friend and take 20 on your Persuasion check without the increased time (note that this only works in spheres where your powerful friend is powerful).

         Prerequisites: Connections, Influential Friends.

         Spontaneous Skill: Sometimes you surprise others with your skill. Once per day, you may make an untrained skill check as though you were trained in the skill. You cannot make Use the Force skill checks in this manner.

         Prerequisite: Educated

         Wealth: Each time you gain a level (including the level you slect this talent), you receive an amount of credits equal to 5,000 x your Noble level. You can spend these credits as you see fit. The credtis appear in a civilized, accessible location of your choice or in your private bank account.



     Attract Minion: You attract a loyal minion. The minion is a nonheroic character with a class level equal to ¾ of your character level, rounded down.

         You may select this talent multilpe times. Each time you select this talent, you gain another minion. Normally, you only have one minion with you at a time. Any other minions are assumed to be looking after your various interests. If you lose a minion, you can send for another minion if you have one (although normal travel time still applies).

         Each minion that accompanies you on an adventure is entitled to an equal share of the experience points earned.

         Bodyguard I: Whenever you are adjacent to a minion, once per turn as a reaction to being attacked you can redirect the attack against that minion. Compare the attack roll against the minion's defense score and resolve the attack as normal.

         Prerequisite: Attract Minion.

         Bodyguard II: As Bodyguard I, but the minion gets a minion gets a defense bonus equal to your 1/2 class level against the redirected attack.

         Prerequisites: Attract Minion, Bodyguard I.

         Bodygaurd III: As Bodyguard II, but the bonus increases to your full class level and your minion can make an immediate attack against your opponent.

         Prerequisites: Attract Minion, Bodyguard II.  

         Impel Ally I: You can spend a swift action to grant an ally In line of sight the ability to move up to its normal speed. The ally must move immediately on your turn, before you do anythind else, or the action is wasted. You can use this talent up to 3 times on your turn.

         Impel Ally II: You can spend two swift actions on your turn to grant an ally in line of sight the ability to take an immediate standard action or move action. The ally must take the action immediately on your turn, before you do anything else.

         Prerequisite: Impel Ally I.

         Impel Ally III: As a standard action, you designate a target to be your allie's target. While your allies have line of sight to you and you are not unconscious or dead, your allies gain a +2 morale bonus on attacks and skill checks against that target. This talent can only be used against one target at a time, but you can you set a new target at any time with another standard action.

         Prerequisites: Impel Ally II.

         Shelter: Whenever you are adjacent to a minion, you gain a +2 cover bonus to Reflex Defense.

         Prerequisite: Attract Minion.

         Tactical Superiority: Spend two swift actions to select two allies. Each ally can move two squares as a reaction. This movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity.

         Tactical Withdrawal: Spend two swift actions to grant all allies that are in line of sight within 6 squares the ability to use the Withdraw action as a swift action until the start of your next turn.

         Urgency: Once per encounter, you can spend three swift actions on consecutive turns to increase the speed of all allies in line of sight by 2. The increased speed lasts until the start of your next turn after the third swft action is spent.

         Prerequisite: Impel Ally II.

         Wealth of Allies: Whenever one of your minions is killed, they are replaced 24 hours later.

         Prerequisite: Attract Minion.