Enforcer Talents



     Cover Bracing: You can brace a weapon set on autofire as a single swift action if you are adjacent to an object (including walls, barriers, and vehicles) that provides you with cover from all of the target squares.

         Intentional Crash: When you successfully deal damage to an enemy vehicle by ramming it, your vehicle takes only half damage from the ram. Additionally, if the target vehicle is the same size as your vehicle or smaller, it cannot move in the following round.

         Nonlethal Tactics: When are using a ranged weapon set to stun, stun grenades, nets, or stun batons (or any other stun weapon), you gain a +1 bonus on your attack rolls and deal +1 die of stun damage.     

         Pursuit: When running, you are not restricted to a straight line, and can reroll Endurance skill checks made to keep running.

         Prerequisite: Dexterity 13.

         Respected Officer: You automatically improve the attitude of an indifferent character to friendly with no check required.

         Slowing Stun: When you move a target at least -1 step down the condition track with an attack, its speed is halved until all conditions are removed.

         Takedown: When you successfully make a melee attack and deal damage at the end of a charge, you knock your target prone as well, provided your opponent is no more than one size category larger than you.



     Evasion: If you are hit by an area attack, you take half damage if the attack hits you, and no damage if the attack misses you.

         Extreme Effort: You can spend two swift actions to gain a +5 bonus on a single Strength check or strength-based skill made in the same round.

         Mettle: Whenever an effect misses your Fortitude or Will Defenses and has a partial effect, it is instead negated entirely.

         Sprint: When you use the run action, you move 5 times your normal speed.

         Surefooted: Your speed is not reduced by difficult terrain.