Flight Leader


Level        Benefits

1.                     Defense Bonuses, Talent, Squad Leader.

2.                     Flight Pattern

3.                     Talent, Flight Pattern

4.                     Flight Pattern

5.                     Talent, Flight Pattern


Defense Bonuses

       At first level, Flight leaders gain a +6 bonus to their Reflex Defense, and a +4 Bonus to their Fortitude and Will Defenses.

Squad Leader

       You may lead a squadron of fighters or space transports equal to (your heroic level+CHA mod). The squad gains a +2 morale bonus to their Pilot skill checks while you are in command, as well as being eiligible for the effects of certain talents.


       You may select talents from any of the Ace Pilot talent trees, Military Tactics talent tree, or Spacer talent tree.

Flight Patterns

       These are special flight patterns that you have perfected, enhancing you're your flight performance.