Level        Benefits

1.          Defense Bonuses, talent, bonus feat, Deadly Shot.

2.            Talent

3.            Talent, bonus feat.

4.            Talent

5.            Talent, bonus feat.


Defense Bonuses

       At first level the (gunslinger) gains a +10 bonus to Reflex Defense.


       Gunsels can choose talents from any gunslinger talent tree, from any Scoundrel talent tree, or from the Gun Duelist tree presnted below.

Deadly Shot

       When wielding pistols, you add your full heroic level as a damage bonus, instead of ½ your heroic level.


Gun Duelist

     Fast Off The Mark: Once per day, you may take 20 on any Initiative check automatically. You may take this talent multiple times. Each time you select it, you gain an addititional use per day.

         Prerequisite: Improved Initiative.

         Fire From the Hip: You may choose to take a -5 penalty on all attacks you make this round to add your heroic level as a damage bonus to each attack.

         Prerequisite: Trigger Work.

         Double Draw: You may draw two holstered weapons as a single swift action, provided they are both pistols.

         Prerequisite: Lightning Draw, Dual Weapon Mastery I.

         Twin Attack: You may attack with both weapons as a standard attack action. Using the Double or Triple (or More!) attack feats still requires a full attack action.

         Prerequisite: Dual Weapon Mastery III, Twin Shot.

         Steady Shot: If you aim, you take no penalties for range.

         Prerequisite: Deadeye.

         Guns Blazing: You may stack the effects of the Deadeye and Rapid Shot feats.

         Prerequisite: Trigger Work,