Master Tactician


Level        Benefits

1.                 Defense Bonuses, Talent, Bonus Feat, Tactical                       Mastery

2.                     Bonus Feat.

3.                     Talent, Bonus Feat.

4.                     Bonus Feat.

5.                     Talent, Bonus Feat.


Defense Bonuses

       At first level the master tactician gains a +6 Bonus to their Will Defense and a +4 Bonus to their Reflex Defense.

Tactical Mastery

       Any mind-affecting talent that provides a benefit to your allies and normally lasts only a single round (such as Coordinate or assault tactics) now lasts for the remainder of the encounter, or until you end it as free action. You may only have a single such talent active at one time.


       The master tactician may select their talents from any Officer talent tree, any Noble talent tree, and from the Mastermind talent tree.

Bonus Feats.

       Any Noble bonus feats.