Medic Talents


Advanced Medicine

     Battlefield Medic: You can use the first aid application of the Treat Injury skill as a standard action, instead of a full-round action.

         Prerequisite: Steady Under Pressure.

         Bring Them Back: You can use the revivify application of the Treat Injury skill on a target that has died anytime in a number of a rounds equal to ½ your heroic level.

         Emergency Team: Allies automatically succeed on aid another attempts when assisting you on Treat Injury skill checks.

         Extra First Aid: You can use the first aid application on a target one time past the normal maximum of one.

         Medical Miracle: As a standard action, you can make a DC 20 Treat Injury check on an adjacent target. If succesful, the target immediately spends its second wind, even if its over ½ its maximum HP. If the target has no second winds remaining, this has no effect.

         Natural Healing: Your extensive knowledge of natural healing allows you to make Treat Injury checks to treat poison, treat disease, and administer first aid with natural substitutes for medpacs and medkits.

         Second Chance: If you fail your Treat Injury check, the patient does not take additional damage or die as a result.

         Prerequisite: Steady Under Pressure.

         Steady Under Pressure: You can reroll any Treat Injury check, keeping the better result.



     Evasion: If you are hit by an area attack, you take half damage if the attack hits you, and no damage if the attack misses you.

         Extreme Effort: You can spend two swift actions to gain a +5 bonus on a single Strength check or strength-based skill made in the same round.

         Mettle: Whenever an effect misses your you Fortitude or Will Defenses and has a partial effect, it is instead negated entirely.

         Sprint: When you use the run action, you move 5 times your normal speed.

         Surefooted: Your speed is not reduced by difficult terrain.