Military Engineer Talents


Military Engineer

     Breach Cover: When you attack a target with cover with a burst or splash weapon, you ignore that cover.

         Breaching Explosion: You ignore the DR of doors and walls when using mines and fixed explosives.

         Droid Expert: When you repair a droid, you repair 1 additional HP for each point your Mechanics skill check exceeds the base DC of 20.

         Prerequisite: Repairs On the Fly.

         Prepared Explosive: When you use a mine or other fixed explosive, you can choose to have the blast radius of the explosive become difficult terrain after the explosive has detonated. Alternately, if you plant a mine or fixed explosive in an area of difficult terrain, you can have it clear the terrain instead.

         Problem Solver: As a swift action once per turn, you can designate a single vehicle within your line of sight whose pilot can communicate with you. That pilot's vehicle ignore's difficult terrain until the start of your next turn, and the pilot gains a +5 insight bonus to all Pilot skill checks made to avoid hazards or collisions until the start of your next turn.

         Quick Modification: When you create a field-created weapon, you can choose one weapon modification from the Tech Specialist featto apply to the created weapon at the time of creation.

         Prerequisites: Repairs On The Fly, Tech Specialist.

         Repairs On the Fly: You can use the repair application of the Mechanics skill to repair a droid or object as a standard action. You can only use this talent on a given item, droid, or vehicle once per day.

         Sabotage Device: As a swift action, you can turn any object powered by an energy cell into a grenade. The object is considered to be a frag grenade in all ways. You can revert the object back to normal with a swift action,

         Tech Savant: As a standard action, you can increase the speed of one adjacent droid or vehicle you occupy by 1 square until the end of your next turn.

         Prerequisite: Use Computer Training.

         Vehicular Boost: as a standard action, you can make a DC 15 Mechanics check to grant one vehicle you occupy a number of bonus HP equal to (5 x class level).


Outlaw Tech

       Fast Repairs: Whenever you jury-rig an object or vehicle, the vehicle gains a number of temporary hit points equal to the result of your Mechanics check.

         Hot Wire: You can use youe Mechanics skill instead of Use Computer to improve access to computer. You are trained in Use Computer for the purposes of this talent. If you are entitled to a Use Computer check reroll, you may reroll your Mechanics skill.

         Quick Fix: Once per encounter, you may jury-rig an object or vehicle that is not disabled. All normal benefits and penalties apply.

         Personalized Modifications: As a standard action, you may tweak the setting, grips, and moving parts of a powered weapon you wield, tailoring it to your needs. For the remainder of the encounter, you gain a +1 equipment bonus to attack rolls and +2 bonus equipment bonus on damage rolls with that weapon. You can only use this with a weapon that requires a power cell to operate.