Outlaw Talents



     Barter: You may choose to reroll any Persuasion skill check, but you must accept the result of the reroll.

         Flee: As a standard action, you can designate a single opponent and move up to your spped away from that opponent; this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity from that enemy, though it provoke it might provoke them them from other enemies as normal.

         Prerequisite: Long Stride.

         Fringe Savant: Whenever you roll a natural 20 on a skill check during an encounter, you gain one temporary Force Point. If the Force Point is not spent by the end of the encounter, then it is lost.

         Keep it Together: Whenever you successfully jury-rig a device or vehicle. The vehicel does not move -5 steps down the condition track at the end of the end of encounter, although it does move -2 persistent steps.

         Prerequisite: Jure-Rigger.

         Long Stride: Your speed increases by 2 squares if you are wearing light or no armor. If you have a natural fly, climb, or swim speed, it increases as well. You cannot use thi talent in medium or heavy armor.

         Jury-Rigger: You may reroll any Mechanics check made to accomplish a jury-rigged repair. You must, however, accept the result of the reroll.

         Sidestep: You can use a swift action to redusce the cost of diagonal movement to 1 eachif you are wearing light or no armor. You cannot use this talent if you arer wearing medium or heavy armor.

         Prerequisite: Long Stride.

         Surge: Once per encounter, you may use a swift action to move up to your speed.

         Prerequisite: Long Sride.

         Swift Strider: You are skilled at manuevering on the battlefield thanks to your experience at surviving in such a dangerous place. You can use each of the following abilities once per encounter:

         *Blurring Burst: As a move action move up to your speed,      and gain a +2 bonus to your Reflex Defense until the end      of the encounter.

         *Sudden Assault: Make a charge attack against an enemy              within range as a standard action. You take no penalty to          your Reflex Defense for this attack.

         *Weaving Stride: Move up to your speed as a move action.      You gain a cumulative +2 dodge bonus to Reflex Defense     for each attack of opportunity made against you during        this movement. This bonus lasts until the beginning of your        next turn

         Prerequisites: Long Stride, Sidestep.



       Electronic Forgery: You can use you Use Computer skill in place of Deception to create a deceptive appearance with forged electronic documents.

         Electronic Sabotage: You excel at causing havoc with computers and electronics. As a standard action, you can lock down a computer terminal by making a Use Computer check, making it potentially difficult for anyone else to access. That computer is considered unfriendly to anyone other than you who attempts to use it, and the result of your Use Computer check replaces the computer's Will Defense for purposes of changing its attitude. This effect ends if anyone else improves it attitude to indifferent. You cannot take 20 on this skill check.

         Gimmick: You can issue a routine command to a computer as a swift action.

         Master Slicer: You can reroll the Use Computer made to improve access on a computer, keeping the better result.

         Trace: You can substtute your Use Computer skill check for any Gather Information check, provided that you have acceess to a computer.

         Virus: You can substitute a Use Computer check for a Mechanics check when disabling a competurized device. The effort takes 1 minute and the DC is equal to the computers Will Defense. In addition, whenever anyone accesses the affected using the droid or another computer, that computer or droid's attitude immediately become's unfreindly.

         Prerequisite: Electronic Sabotage.

Security Slicer: You are a security expert. You don't need a security kit to make a Mechanics check to disable a security device. Additionally, something goes wrong only if you fail by 10 or more.



     Evasion: If you are hit by an area attack, you take half damage if the attack hits you, and no damage if the attack misses you.

         Extreme Effort: You can spend two swift actions to gain a +5 bonus on a single Strength check or strength-based skill made in the same round.

         Mettle: Whenever an effect misses your Fortitude or Will Defenses and has a partial effect, it is instead negated entirely.

         Sprint: When you use the run action, you move 5 times your normal speed.

         Surefooted: Your speed is not reduced by difficult terrain.



     Confounding Attack: Once per encounter, whenever you would use Uncanny Instincts, you can forgo the movement to make an immediate attack against the enemy that hit you. If your attack is a melee attack that hits and deals damage, you and your opponent immediately switch places, if both you and your opponent can end in a legal space.

         Prerequisites: Tangle Up, Uncanny Instincts.

         Double Up: Once per encounter, whenever you would use Seize the Moment, you can forgo the extra swift action to make an immediate attack against the damaged opponent. If your attack is a ranged attack that hits and deals damage, you treat the damage dealt by you and the ally as one attack for purposes of overcoming DR, SR, and determining whether the damage exceeded the target's damage threshold.

         Prerequisites: Find An Opening, Seize the Moment.

         Find An Opening: Whenever you would use Seize the Moment, you can forgo the extra swift action to instead be able to aim as a single swift action on your next turn.

         Prerequisite: Seize the Moment.

         Opportunistic Defense: Once per encounter, whenever you would use Uncanny Instincts, you can forgo the movement and instead increase your Reflex Defense by +5 until the end of your next turn.

         Prerequisite: Uncanny Instincts.

         Preternatural Senses: Once per encounter, as a reaction, you can add ½ your class level to the defense score of your choice.

         Seize the Moment: Once per round, whenever an ally successfully damages an opponent, you can take a swift action as a reaction.

         Tangle Up: As a standard action, you can make a non-area attack against any opponent in range. If the attack hits, you deal half normal damage (minimum 1 point), but your opponent loses their next move action.

         Prerequisite: Uncanny Instincts.

         Uncanny Instincts: Once per round when an opponent deals damage to you, you can move 1 square as a reaction. This movement  does not provoke attacks of opportunity.