Saboteur Talents



       Befuddle: if you succeed on a deception check against a target's Will Defens as a swift action, until the start of          your next turn you can move through the threatened area     of that target as a part of your move action without          provoking an attack of opportunity. Each threatened    square counts as 2 squares of movement.

         Cunning Strategist: You can create opportunities to ship     away at your opponent's defenses. You can use each of the        following abilities once per encounter as a standard   action:

      Create Opening: Make an attack. If you damage the target, it takes a -5 penalty to its Reflex Defense until the start of your next turn.

      Crippling Attack: Make an attack. If you damage the target, it takes a -2 penalty to its speed until the start of your next turn.

      Vicious Attack: Make two separate attack rolls at -5 penalty each at 2 enemies within 2 squares of each other, but roll damage only once

     Prerequisites: Disruptive, Walk the Line.

     Dastardly Strike: Whenever you make an attack against an

opponent that is denied its Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, the target is moved -1 step down the condition track.

    Disruptive: By Spending two swift actions, you can use your knack for causing trouble and instigating chaos to disrupt your enemies. Until the start of your next turn, you supress all morale and insight bonuses applied to enemies in

your line of sight.

    Hesitate: You can your opponent with doubt by making a Deception check as a standard action against a single target that can hear and understand you within line of sight. If your check equals or exceeds the target's Will Defense, the target takes a -2 penalty to its speed, and if the target takes a standard action, it must also take a swift action. This penalty lasts until the end the target's next turn.

    Improved Befudddle: As Befuddle, but the threatened area only costs 1 square of movement, as normal.

    Improved Skirmisher: As skirmisher, excpet you also gain a +1 bonus to all your defenses until the start of your next turn.

    Prerequisite: Skirmisher.

    Skirmisher: If you move at least 2 squares before you attack and end your move in a different square than where you started, you gain +1 bonus on attack rolls until the start of your next turn.

    Sneak Attack: Any time your opponent is denied their Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, you deal +1d6 points of damage with a succesful melee attack or a ranged attack within 6 squares.

       You may select this talent multiple times. Each tiime you do, you gain an additional die of damage, to a maximum of +10d6.

     Sow Confusion: Once per encounter, as a standard action, you can make a Deception check and compare the result to the result to the Will Defense of all enemies in line of sight. If the check result equals or exceeds the targets Will Defense, that target must spend a swift action in addition to a standard action to make an attack until the start of your next turn.

    Prerequisite: Hesistate.

    Sudden Strike: Whenever you would gain the benefit of the Skirmisher talent and you successfully hit your opponent, you deal Sneak Attack damage in addtition to the normal damage dealt by the attack.

    Prerequisites: Skirmisher, Sneak Attack.

     Walk the Line: As a standard action, you can do or say something that catches your enemies off guard. All opponents within 6 squares of you and in your line of sight take a -2 penalty to their defenses until the start of your next turn. The penalty is negated if line of sight is broken.

    Prerequisite: Dispruptive.

     Weakening Strike: Whenever you deal damage to an opponent denied its Dexterity bonus to Reflex Defense, you can choose not to move them down the condition track and instead impose a -5 penalty to your opponent's attacks and melee damage until the end of your next turn.

    Prerequisite: Dastardly Strike.



     Device Jammer: As a full-round action, you select a particular piece of equipment and make a DC 20 Mechanics skill check. If succesful, all devices of the chosen type cease functioning when within 12 squares of your position for the remainder of the encounter.

         Droid Jammer: As a full-round action, you make a Mechanics skill check to build a droid jammer. When a droid comes within 6 squares of you, compare the result of your Mechanics skill check to the droid's Will Defense. If the skill check is greater than or equal to th droid's Will Defense, it can only take swift actions as long as it remains within range of the jammer. Droids that are immune to the effect of a restraining bolt are also immune to this talent. This jammer functions for the remainder of the encounter. You may only have one jammer active at a time.

         Extreme Explosion: You know how to set large charges and use dozens of mines for extremely large explosions. You increase the blast radius of any mines or explosives by 1 square.

         Prerequisite: Shaped Explosion.

         Mine Mastery: You can place a mine as a standard action instead of a full-round action.

         Shaped Explosion: You can shape an explosion caused by explosives you set to go off in a line or a cone instead of a radius. The length of the line is 2 x the radius of the explosive blast, and the length of the cone is 3 x the radius, and either the line or the cone originates from the square where the explosives are placed.

         Prerequisite: Skilled Demolitionist.

         Skilled Demolitionist: You can set a detonator as a swift action, and explosives never go off as a detonator is being placed, even if you fail the check by 10 or more. You must still roll to see if the charges go off as planned.



       Electronic Forgery: You can use you Use Computer skill in place of Deception to create a deceptive appearance with forged electronic documents.

         Electronic Sabotage: You excel at causing havoc with computers and electronics. As a standard action, you can lock down a computer terminal by making a Use Computer check, making it potentially difficult for anyone else to access. That computer is considered unfriendly to anyone other than you who attempts to use it, and the result of your Use Computer check replaces the computer's Will Defense for purposes of changing its attitude. This effect ends if anyone else improves it attitude to indifferent. You cannot take 20 on this skill check.

         Gimmick: You can issue a routine command to a computer as a swift action.

         Master Slicer: You can reroll the Use Computer made to improve access on a computer, keeping the better result.

         Trace: You can substtute your Use Computer skill check for any Gather Information check, provided that you have acceess to a computer.

         Virus: You can substitute a Use Computer check for a Mechanics check when disabling a competurized device. The effort takes 1 minute and the DC is equal to the computers Will Defense. In addition, whenever anyone accesses the affected using the droid or another computer, that computer or droid's attitude immediately become's unfreindly.

         Prerequisite: Electronic Sabotage.

Security Slicer: You are a security expert. You don't need a security kit to make a Mechanics check to disable a security device. Additionally, something goes wrong only if you fail by 10 or more.




     Blaster Turret I: Once per encounter, as a standard action you can create a blaster turret (Size Tiny, Initiative +4, Perception +4, Reflex Defense 10, Threshold 8, HP 10) that can be mounted to any flat surface. The turret fires as a standard blaster pistol once per round, using your base attack bonus plus your Intelligence bonus and dealing 3d6 damage. The turret fires at any target you designate (a free action, once per round on your turn), though you must remain adjacent to it to control it. The turret is expended at the end of the encounter.

         Blaster Turret II: The turret gains the following improvements to its stats: Size Tiny, Initiative +8, Perception +8, Reflex Defense 12, Threshold 10, HP 15, and deals 3d8 damage. Also, you can direct by remote from a distance of up to 12 squares.

         Prerequisites: Blaster Turret I.

         Blaster Turret III: Your turret gains the ability to fire twice per round, with a -5 penalty to each shot, and gains DR 5.

         Prerequisite: Blaster Turret II.

         Ion Turret: As your highest level of Blaster Turret, but it deals Ion damage.

         Prerequisite: Blaster Turret I.

         Stun Turret: As your highest level of Blaster Turret, but it deals stun damage.

         Prerequisite: Blaster Turret I.

         Turret Self-Destruct: Your turret self-destructs automatically when it reaches 0 HP. It explodes in a 2-square radius, dealing its normal damage (in slashing damage). If you are adjacent to the turret, you can disable this feature as a reaction.

         Prerequisite: Blaster Turret I.