Level        Benefits

1.          Defense Bonuses, Talent, Bonus Feat, Resilience.

2.            Bonus Feat.

3.            Talent, Bonus Feat.

4.            Bonus Feat.

5.            Talent, Bonus Feat.


         At level 1, the Supercommando receives a +6 bonus to Fortitude Defense, and a +3 Bonus to Reflex Defense


       The supercommando never suffers a critical hit on anything less than a natural 20 on an attakc roll – any effect that expands critical range has no effect when used against him.

         Talents may be taken from any Soldier or Elite Trooper talent tree, or from the Supercommando tree (presented below):



     Fearless: You gain immunity to fear effects.

         Melee Mastery: Once per encounter when wielding a melee weapon (including unarmed attacks with the Martial Arts feat), you may reroll an attack roll, keeping the better result.

         You may take this talent multiple times. Each time you take it, you gain an additional use of it per encounter.

         Prerequisite: Whirling Death.

         Stealth Kill: You score a critical hit on an opponent who is unaware of you on an 18-20. You do not score an automatic hit on anything but a 20, however. If you roll anything but a natural 20 and miss, you do not score a critical hit. This effect stacks with other effects that extend critical range.

         Prerequisite: Hidden Movement.

         Weapon Mastery: The supercommando recieves a +1 to hit, +2 to damage, and +5 to Reflex Defense against Sunder and Disarm attempts when wielding his chosen weapon type.

         Prerequisite: Greater Weapon Specialization.

         Unstoppable: You gain one use of your second wind per encounter.

         Prerequisite: Tough As Nails.