Here's some photos of us Gischers at Cherry Blossom time this year (Spring 2007). Some of them are from our trip to Japan, but others are just from this spring.

Kit and Emi

This is Kit, age 18, with our tour director on our Japan trip, Emi Kimura.

Crane Boy

This is Eli, age 17, by a pond at the Kiyomizu Temple in Kyoto. That's a crane in the background; it's kind of a private family joke to call him "Crane Boy", so this photo was a natural.

KK and Deer in Nara Park

KK being chased by deer in Nara Park

This is KK having fun with the tame deer at Nara Park. The deer were very polite, bowing their heads before taking the food. Though they were somewhat insistent.

This is me. We didn't get any real pictures of me in Japan, so here's some of me at my laptop, making this webpage.

Don't You Wish You Could

Well, ok, we got one picture of me at Osaka Castle, where you could pay a few hundred yen and be a real samurai for a moment.

See the Photos?

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